We are creating change through technology and product innovation.

Since 2010, Dezetoro has been committed to promoting significant advances in business through the internet.


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We always seek the professional success of our employees. We offer clear career plans, with defined goals and objectives, so that everyone knows what they need to do to grow in the company. In addition, we offer constant training and qualifications, so that our employees are always updated and prepared for market challenges.

Continuous learning

We value continuous learning and believe that knowledge is the key to success. Therefore, we offer various learning opportunities, such as courses, lectures and internal training. Furthermore, we encourage the exchange of knowledge between employees, so that everyone can learn from each other and grow together.

Team work

We believe that teamwork is fundamental to the success of any project. Therefore, we are looking for collaborative professionals who enjoy working together. Here, you will have the opportunity to be part of multidisciplinary teams, with professionals from different areas, who work together to achieve our clients' goals.

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2024 · Dezetoro is a company from Rodz Group