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Cecilia Cavalcanti

About the company

Architectural projects.

We are pleased to present the institutional website of the architecture office Cecília Cavalcanti. The site was developed with the objective of reflecting the elegance and sophistication of the company's projects, in addition to presenting information about the services offered, portfolio and team of professionals. The website's design is modern and clean, using high-quality images that demonstrate the quality of the company's work.

On the homepage, visitors are greeted with a rotating banner that features images of completed projects, followed by information about the company and its values. Navigation is intuitive, with clear and objective menus, which direct the user to the different sections of the site. The portfolio is one of the most prominent sections, with images and descriptions of the projects carried out, which allows the visitor to better understand the style and skills of the office.

The contact form is another highlight of the site, allowing visitors to contact the company for additional information or to request a quote.

We are honored to have been chosen by Cecília Cavalcanti to develop her institutional website. We use our knowledge and expertise in website design and development to create a platform that meets the needs of the company and its customers. We are satisfied with the final result and believe that the site will be an important tool for the company in publicizing its work and attracting new customers.


Cecilia Cavalcanti

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