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How to generate leads with landing pages

Landing pages are specific pages, generally created for capturing leads, that is, collecting contact information for a database. This page must be strategic, present an attractive offer to the visitor and direct them to the information capture process. It is important to capture visitor contact information, such as WhatsApp or email. To create an efficient landing page you need to follow some steps:

  • 1 – Define the objective of the page.

Before creating the landing page, you need to know the objective it should achieve. What is the offer? What data will be collected? Answering these questions will help direct your page strategy.

  • 2 – Create an attractive offer.

The offer is one of the main factors in determining the efficiency of a landing page. It must be attractive and arouse the visitor's interest. An offer could be an e-book, an infographic, a webinar or even a special discount.

  • 3 – Direct the visitor to the page.

The visitor must be directed to the landing page in a clear and objective way. Typically, this targeting is done through an ad or a link on the landing page.

  • 4 – Capture visitor information.

To capture visitor information it is necessary to have a form. This form must be simple and objective, with few questions.

  • 5 – Evaluate the results.

After implementing the landing page, it is necessary to evaluate the results. To do this, it is important to monitor visitation metrics and the data collected by the form.

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