What are the costs of creating a website?


It is possible to measure the costs of a website in different ways, depending on its objective. Institutional websites, for example, can be more expensive, as they require a more robust structure, with several pages and content. A sales website, in turn, can be simpler, and its cost can be measured by design, development and hosting.

Por quê é importante uma empresa ter um site?

Regardless of the type of website, it is possible to calculate its cost based on the number of hours needed to build it, the price of hosting and the cost of the domain. Furthermore, it is important to take into account content production costs, if applicable.

At Dezetoro, there is no pre-defined value. When you contact a consultant, they will ask you some questions to understand your needs, common in the website creation procedure. Know, for example, whether the website you want to create is institutional in nature (presenting the company, services/products offered, etc.), blog, online store, or even a specific project.

The value of the investment is parallel to the number of technical design and programming hours required to develop the website. These hours are related to the tools and number of pages in the project.

Therefore, the best way to obtain an accurate quote is getting in touch with a consultant. Rest assured, this quote is free and without obligation.

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