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This channel is intended to receive complaints or reports of improper or illegal conduct, or situations that may violate our values, business ethics and integrity. Your identity can remain anonymous, but if you prefer, feel free to identify yourself. All information reported will be treated with complete confidentiality, and we will not disclose your identity to leaders, teams or management.

At Dezetoro, we do not tolerate any form of retaliation or intimidation against those who, in good faith, report violations or potential violations. Our objective with this channel is to improve our work environment, ensuring the quality of life of our team, partners, customers and suppliers. We seek to ensure compliance with laws, the adoption of best market practices, and the highest ethical and integrity standards in all our activities.

We are here to listen, support and act, promoting a healthy and ethical environment for the entire Dezetoro community. Be part of building a better environment for everyone.


This section is dedicated exclusively to receiving complaints or reports regarding inappropriate or illegal conduct, as well as occurrences that violate our values and are not aligned with our culture. To express compliments, we recommend contacting us via our page Contact

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