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At Dezetoro, we believe that companies have a responsibility to create a positive impact on society. We recognize that a company's success should not only be measured by financial results, but also by the social impact it generates. In this text, we will highlight the importance of social impact at Dezetoro, demonstrating our commitment to contributing to sustainable development and the improvement of the community in which we operate.

  1. Community involvement: At Dezetoro, we value community involvement and seek to establish meaningful partnerships with local organizations and communities. Through volunteer programs and donations, we seek to support initiatives that promote education, social well-being, inclusion and sustainable development. We recognize that a successful business must contribute to the growth and prosperity of its community.

  2. Business ethics: Business ethics is a fundamental pillar at Dezetoro. We commit to adopting transparent, honest and responsible business practices. We seek to act in accordance with the highest ethical standards in all our interactions and decisions, maintaining fair and respectful relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties. We believe that social responsibility begins within the company itself.

  3. Local talent development: We invest in the development of local talent, seeking to create employment and growth opportunities for members of the communities where we operate. We seek to hire diverse talent and value diversity, equity and inclusion on our team. In addition, we offer training and qualification programs to promote the professional and personal development of our employees, contributing to the strengthening of the local workforce.

  4. Environmental responsibility: We recognize that corporate social responsibility also includes preserving the environment. At Dezetoro, we seek to minimize our environmental impact by adopting sustainable practices in our operations. We promote the conservation of natural resources, waste reduction and environmental awareness among our employees. We believe that environmental sustainability is an essential component of our positive social impact.

  5. Transparency and accountability: We value transparency in our actions and accountability to our employees, customers and society in general. We clearly and openly communicate our objectives, policies and results in relation to social impact. We are also committed to actively listening to the opinions and feedback of our stakeholders, aiming to continually improve our practices and maximize our positive impact.